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Naples Hotels - Where sun and fun await you! From the untamed wilderness of the Everglades to the gentle waters of the Gulf of Mexico, your ideal vacation is here. Discover the attraction of world class golf, water sports and nature excursions, all with a sunny outlook! Tour Naples' best real estate, hotels, restaurants, attractions and more from wherever you happen to be.

With more than 85 luxuriously landscaped Golf courses, Naples has the top ratio of beautiful lush green courses to golfers in the US. It is the golfing capital. Those who like fishing, windsurfing, boating and sunbathing won't be disappointed either! Cheap Hotels can be judged in this artistic city. Many of them are similar to Key West Hotels in style and architecture.

Vacationing in Naples Florida is one of the best ideas around. This is a beautiful place to getaway to and has many different hotels and attractions. The beach is great, but there are numerous other things to do and see here. The Naples zoo at Caribbean gardens is a must see and features all different kinds of animals from around the world. The everglade with so much nature is also close by and tours are arranged easily by making a simple phone call. The Dolphin and Manatee tours are another great way to spend some of your vacation time and looking at these gorgeous creatures in the water is very heart warming. The Naples Pier has one of the most beautiful beaches on the gulf coast and is an area that can be enjoyed when traveling to Naples. This is a great place for deep-sea fishing, boating, and jet skiing. The boats, jet skis and deep-sea fishing are readily available at affordable rates everywhere in Naples. As you can see, the sky is the limit and there are a great number of things to do and see so when planning a vacation think of Naples Florida for all your fun filled needs.

There are several different hotels to choose from here. The Hilton Naples Hotel is one of the top hotels here as far as luxury goes. The Bellasera Resort Luxury Hotel is also on the list of places to stay with four star ratings and studios or three room suites with kitchens included this hotel has everything you may need including a wonderful restaurant to dine in. With hotels in mind, we cannot forget about the Marco Island Marriott Beach Resort, Golf Club & Spa, which has everything that the other hotels may have, and more.

Shopping is one of the greatest attractions of all with many different stores to choose from and 5th Avenue South is one of the best shopping districts around. 3rd avenue is one of the nicest areas in Old Naples and runs strait across from the beach. This area has some of the most beautiful artwork and antiques available anywhere so bring your camera for some incredible sight seeing. If you like to shop at the best stores around with unique merchandise that canít be found anywhere else these are the places to stop and shop.

Culture is another thing to check out in the Naples area. Many years ago the only people to walk and fish in this area was the Caloosa Indians. Two of the first settlers in this area were Roger Gordon and Joe Wiggins who both came to the area in the late 1860ís. There is a river and two inlets that still have their names to this day. The name Naples caught on during the 1880ís when it was said to surpass the bay in Naples Italy in beauty. The comparisons made to its Italian counter part also gave it a permanent name. In 1887, a man named Walter N. Haldeman led a group of wealthy Kentuckians to the area and bought almost all of the town of Naples. They built a dock in a T- shape that was over 600 feet long and even though it has been rebuilt, three times the T-shape remains to this day. Anyone that wants a sightseeing culture filled and historically great vacation with many different things to do including the wonderful beach should book a vacation to Naples today.

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